Webinar 5D Healing Hour

I hold the workshop below weekly on Thursdays live online via Zoom, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.
Check the AGENDA to see when the next workshops will take place.

Webinar “5D Healing Hour”

You are invited to participate in the weekly “5D Healing Hour” Webinars via Zoom, and receive healings healings on themes currently at play within your personal as well as the collective consciousness of humanity. The healings are intuitively led by Karin Thomas, who has a unique reach and access to the multidimensional changes in which Earth and humanity find themselves. The healings always connect to the current events of humanity’s collective consciousness process and the movement to the New Earth, and are different each week. Karin works from her own (13D) I AM consciousness, and cooperates regularly with Mother Earth and the Cosmic Mother. During the healings, she continually describes the information she is receiving, and what is happening in the energy. The healings are intense and well-grounded, and always embedded in a field of unconditional love and gentleness.


Can’t attend but you would like to receive the recording of the meditation? Then sign up in the same way, and you will receive a link via email within a few days of the webinar to download the audio file. The audio file is impregnated by Spirit, retains its energetic power and is indefinitely reusable.

We offer some of these recordings for sale in our shop as meditations afterwards. We do this especially when these are generic and timeless in nature, and involve a beautiful energetic journey that brings much healing. We add meditative background music to these recordings.

What is the difference between this (paid) webinar and the free distance healing?

In the distance healing on Mondays, my partner and I are “only” space holders. We create an energetic space prior to distance healing from the 12th dimension using our joint heart field in which participants are placed and within which participants receive individual healings in a pure, safe manner, guided by their own Higher Self, and supported by the Ascended Masters and Archangels. During the healing our meditative focus is on silence and love, keeping the field safe and stable. There is no group theme, the healings are individual and are not explained.

In the webinar, I take a different, more active role. There is a group theme, and I share during the hour the information I receive about the healing the participants receive. Often the healing theme will be related to current events in the collective ascension process.

What people are saying about the webinars

“For some time now, I have been participating weekly in Karin Thomas’ 5D collective group healings. These group healings are so profound and always attuned to the new earth consciousness and its embodiment. Every week it surprises me and triggers profound healing.

The healings are not just healings I feel but I resonate very deeply to them. Karin feels like a very beautiful and pure channel and in this I always connect the people in the group who feel they can contribute to the formation of the new earth embodiment both individually and collectively.
Last night, a deep healing occurred on our DNA. First, there was a lot of purging on our ancestral lines which very coincidentally is already a theme that started to run very deep for me last week. And then, through the Cosmic Mother and the Cosmic Father, we were reborn on the new earth after which we also worked very deeply for a very long time to activate our still dormant DNA.
So a very profound journey and very palpable. And this morning I suddenly felt I wanted to share something about this. The extraordinary thing was that at the very moment I was thinking about that and also briefly thinking about Karin I received the recording of the healing at that very moment. How beautifully tuned and synchronized so. Thank you dear Karin for the wonderful work you do. And for the beautiful pure channel that you are…. 🙏💖


“Was really very transformative and still is. Also a huge expansion and softening around my heart! Very nice!”

“It was wonderful Karin, I am hushed…. Thank you!”

“What a wonderful trip. I am moved.”

“This was incredibly nice to do. I want to do this a lot more often!”

“Very special… Deeply touched…”

“What an impressive “journey.” Very encouraging to hear all that is going on under the surface and what was allowed to be healed. Thank you.”

“SO encouraging, so healing, so great, so grateful, no words for it.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful meditation, I was very moved. I am still enjoying it.”

“What encouraging and enlightening words for the future. Thank you!”

“That was another wonderful, loving bath.”

“What an extraordinary journey, and so special to feel so many different energies.”

“Was very moving. Was exactly what I had asked for insight into. Left many tears…”

“It was very beautiful, lots of light and Yeshua/Christ Consciousness was very strongly present. Many thanks!”

“How incredibly beautiful! Just before the healing at the table I suddenly felt my heart chakra being stretched and aching. It felt like preparation that was so obvious…”

“For me the first time here. Very powerful energy, felt the energetic womb. Thank you Karin.”

“Wow indeed it was very powerful! I’m still in process now, also a huge cleanup!”

“Very nice, beautiful and special!”

“Pffff that went deep…. very relaxed…. almost fell asleep…. also felt more part of star family.”

“I feel my aura very strongly around me now, light and fluffy and bigger :-)”

“Thank you again Karin, for this beautiful journey! And so nice to experience the upgrades physically! Beautiful to experience the New Inner Earth and what beautiful colors, frequencies and so much more Ease and Grace! I experience that grounding is so much easier than the old way. What a relief! This way is much more familiar to me!”

“Thank you for the beautiful meditation. I got a kiss on my forehead. I saw a lot of pink energy. The earth part was very mechanical.”

“Moved and grateful for the deep transformations that were allowed to take place. Thank you!”

“A lot has happened, but I do feel a lot of warmth and gratitude.”

“Wow what an energy! Everything is still flowing plenty and I’m bloody hot right now! I’m going to bed right away to rest my body. Very powerful this is! Thank you Karin for this journey!”

“Gentle power mother earth, grateful.”

“Thank you for this beautiful experience and. It felt like a big cleaning, as if more and more planes of the facets of a diamond were cleaned, allowing more and more light to shine through. Very beautiful.”

“I’m still in the middle of it, so much is happening! A lot of tension I release and space and softening comes.”

“It was my first time and I enjoyed your voice and guidance. The space that was created in my belly felt magical and ethereal.”

Divine Heart
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