and the flying skateboard

This unique book for young and old by author Karin Thomas,
will playfully acquaint you with new science and spirituality!

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Are you ready to go on the journey of a lifetime and discover the great mysteries?

Isa and her little brother Max think their spring break is going to be a boring holiday. Everything changes when they meet the eccentric professor who lives at the end of their street. With the help of surprising experiments they learn to look at themselves, at each other and at the world in a different way.
Then, by accident, they find themselves in unknown dimensions where they encounter extraordinary beings and explore exciting places. Isa and Max learn things they would never have learned in school. At the end of their journey the professor allows them to fly on a skateboard and they realize that anything, and we really mean anything, is possible. An exciting adventure revolving around new science and spirituality for the young and old.

Isa and Max have a thrilling holiday. Together with professor Lophi they experience the coolest adventures. Go along and play with dolphins, walk through the inner earth, drink tea with Isaac Newton and fly on a cloud with an Egyptian goddess. Perhaps you will be enchanted by Eros’ love arrows, or get lost in the fog, only to return home after a trip around the moon and the stars.

With Isa and Max you will discover interesting facts about light, sound, geometry, shapes, time, water, atoms, black holes and a lot more. And find out things you would never have learned in school.

Along the way you will find shaded boxes which are full of amazing facts and knowledge. Please join in and do various assignments. At the end of the book you will find building boards to put together yourself. The building boards and colouring pictures are also available as free downloads on the Isa & Max Facebook Fan page!

Order the book Isa & Max and the flying skateboard e-book for €5.99. The book is also available in Dutch.

“Isa and Max start walking the path that leads them over the green hill. The sun is shining and the children are cheerful. Up until now their journey has been rather exciting and surprising. Expectantly they head towards the adventure. When they are halfway up the hill, it becomes a bit hazy. Isa looks up at the top of the hill, which is covered with a veil of mist. ‘Come on Max, let’s move on,’ she urges her brother. They move on up the hill in an upbeat tempo. Max starts feeling warm. When he slows down, Isa gets irritated and says: Hurry up, will you, can’t you see the weather will become misty? We won’t be able to see anything soon.’ Max grumbles but increases his pace anyway. Gradually the mist becomes denser and spreads over the valley. Max walks a bit closer to his sister. They can hardly see the path and finally Isa has to slow down her pace as well. She gets hold of Max’ hand so that she will not loose him in the mist.

Slowly and side by side they walk on. Isa feels a bit ill at ease. Then they hear a rustle close behind them. Max turns around, but he doesn’t see anything. The mist has completely enveloped the children. The path beneath their feet can hardly be discerned and the children proceed agonizingly slowly. Faint whispering reaches their ears. Isa tightens her grip on Max’ hand. His imagination runs away with him when he thinks about what kind of monsters may loom up from the mist. Immediately the mist thickens around them and a second path appears. From the mist he sees a three headed monster coming towards him on the path. The right head breaths fire and the left head vomits green slime. The middle head spreads its jaws wide open, ready to devour the children in one bite. Cold sweat appears on Max’ forehead.

Meanwhile, Isa is fighting her own fears. She has always been scared of crawling insects which run up the inside of her trouser leg. In her mind she sees giant ants, ticks, scorpions and bird spiders. In no time, a third path appears. On this path it is crawling with vermin. Isa screams and starts jumping up and down. What are they going to do now? The original path is nowhere to be seen and they can choose between a three headed, all-devouring monster or trousers full of ants and tarantulas. ‘I wish professor Lophi was here,’ Isa moans. ‘I wish aunt Mina was with us,’ says Max.”

Curious how it ends? Order the book, or the ebook dutch, or the ebook english.

What people are saying about Isa and Max.

"A former teacher was deeply moved and said, more people should read this," he said.

"My grandson thinks it's a fantastic book. He has read it three times already."

“I can recommend it to everyone. To read the book for themselves or to read it to their children or grandchildren. A great book that clarifies issues in a super beautiful way. What is actually present on earth, inside the earth and in the universe. For many there may be recognition, but for many others it may be so new that they have to get used to the idea that it just might be that way.”

“My son thought the book was very exciting and he remembered amazingly much of it.Occasionally he spontaneously speaks about things of which I wonder ‘how can he possibly know’?! Then I remember… he has read Isa and Max!”

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