Sometimes you run into something that is not immediately clear what exactly caused it. This may be a physical problem, a particular feeling or emotion that is triggered, or an idea, topic or situation that you cannot let go of.

Often we tend to look for the cause in our immediate environment, our living habits and contacts with those around us. In itself, that’s fine, and if that’s where the solution lies, that’s absolutely fine. Yet these environmental factors are usually just the triggers that activate something deeper within ourselves. Then it is good to explore what that deeper thing is. And may be that the core cannot be found in what you have experienced in your present life, in who you are now.

When you look to who you are and where you come from more broadly, consider it from a holistic perspective, you have probably incarnated as a human being on Earth thousands of times, you have lived on many planets and stars in the universe, you are simultaneously present in multiple dimensions and your soul has decided to be here in your body now to (together with collective humanity) to rid yourself of karma and develop yourself into a happy and free human being. You are not only an individual human being walking his or her own path, you are also part of the whole, you contribute with your presence a unique piece to the development and growth of humanity, the earth and the universe.

It may be that the problem you are struggling with is something you need to live through and solve not just for yourself, but rather you are doing this for all of us. When you have embraced that piece in yourself, you grant the human collective the opportunity to be able to integrate this piece as well. This is how we help each other.

During a reading, more insight and/or healing can arise into these deeper layers. This may be a past (or parallel) life that is tearing at you and wants to be read, energy or cords from other people or entities left behind in your energy bodies, a lost soul part of yourself being reunited with you, information being released from the akashic field, a multidimensional journey through the earth and/or cosmos in which your higher being has something to resolve, or the redeeming of personal keys that release or activate something for yourself and the collective.

What exactly is read cannot be estimated in advance, it is your soul or higher (I AM) self that is in control. At least as a result, it will help love unfold in you and in your heart.

I give readings at my home in my practice as well as online via Zoom. I only do readings on Mondays and Thursdays.
A reading lasts an hour and a half and costs €125.

If you are interested in a reading, you can make an appointment here.

You can read my blogs in which I share soms experiences from readings.

What people say about my readings

“In February 2018, I made an appointment with Karin for an aura reading. I was sitting with a question regarding my work and where I live.
Five years ago I had moved there and I felt like I was being held back in all areas of my life. While there was nothing holding me back. However, the feeling was strong and I could not let go of it. I wanted to know what to do with it and where it came from.
Coming to Karin’s, I first told my story and she tuned into me. She began to speak and tell about the energy of my residence etc. and about the shots she heard behind my house. Now what will the case be, I myself also feel, see and experience things in an energetic way and I had experienced all this too.
What was remarkable was how she energetically started to tell about the history of my hometown, the past and about the castle. Indeed a castle had stood opposite my house. Karin did not know this. The past had a very strong connection to my home and it clung to my sensitivity. We released this past energetically and removed old layers.
The beauty of the reading was that everything fell into place and I got an answer to what I was feeling. Cause and effect became clear to me; I also recognized my place in all this. Back home, I let the story sink in, which was a deeply spiritual process.

Karin’s reading worked through to the depths of my being. It caused everything to change for me in a very short time. Instead of feeling held back, I can now move forward effortlessly and everything flows in every area of my life.

Thank you Karin, you are highly recommended.”

Karin van den Boogert

“Today I received a special reading from Karin Thomas via videocam. As soon as she started I immediately perceived a very peaceful energy.
“I see your guidance, which is behind you. I don’t see any faces but they are all there. And behind that is other guidance, and behind that is other guidance. There is energy running through the ground, “the undercurrent,” I keep hearing. But this undercurrent doesn’t reach you. The undercurrent goes behind you into the earth, deep into the earth. The undercurrent goes to a cave-like space and there a part of you resides. That part is sitting there reading with a reading light. She is waiting to be picked up and just started reading while waiting. You grab her by the hand and together you go back up. The part belongs in your belly but fell out during a fall.
‘In that empty space there is where I belong’ says the part. The idea is to have adventures together. It’s a very wise but at the same time playful part and it now integrates back into the belly.”
Through integration, something changes in the “undercurrent,” it gets going again. I perceive it as a wave of tingling flowing in from the back of my body. Karin sees the ancestor lines appear behind me, on one side my mother’s line and on the other my father’s line. The “undercurrent” now extends to the ancestral lines as well.
Then we enter the earth. I start to get immensely tired and almost fall asleep at the computer. My grounding extends to the center of the earth. There is a zero point there, an opening to the cosmos. There is a spaceship arriving with various beings who want to work with me from the cosmos, through the center of the earth upward. In this way you are more firmly present during the light work because the information enters your body through the earth layers. A new connection is made through my grounding to these beings. Through a certain technology that is connected, energy flows up through the earth into my body. This energy has a “washing” effect. All cells are washed clean to the deepest layers of matter. Then the technology is disconnected again.
I am invited to go through the center of the earth to look at the view you then have of the cosmos. It gives a different view when viewed from this point. Creatures will start coming by to communicate. This whole cosmos is present in my belly. Karin sees a girl in a long nightgown staring at the starry sky from the center point in the earth. An innocent child who can only see the good. A child that dreams and creates. The girl is drawing, she is making a self-portrait. She draws herself as an adult, the most beautiful version of herself. She draws in my blueprint, my dna. The child walks up through the grounding and reaches my belly where she hugs me. She shows me the drawing she made, the blueprint of the most beautiful version of herself.
Then the energy becomes still again and the reading comes to an end. I feel tired and affected. It was intense. Thank you dear Karin ❤”


“I can heartily recommend everyone to do a reading with Karin. Having had many readings from her as her partner, I can say that there has never been anything she could not or should not see. She has great reach and authority. Karin works from the deepest levels in the Earth to the highest levels in the cosmos.
She is completely in surrender to her Higher Self during the reading, who shows her exactly what is going on and what may be done to resolve it. From past lives, cords and removal of entities, to retrieving soul parts, reintegrating diverse multi-dimensional aspects of the Self, releasing complex, alien technologies or applying energetic surgery in the body where blockages exist.”


“Quite a lot is still happening to me since the reading, like I need to rebalance both emotionally and physically. Today I had a lot of physical discomfort in my pelvic area. But I feel so much more spacious and full. Love it!

My head is having a hard time grasping what happened, but it just feels really good. Always hard to find words to describe the experience.

I am so grateful for the session with you. You bring so much calm, peace and grounding to provide a safe bed for deep transformational work. For me, you really feel pure and work as a divine “instrument” for whatever may be seen and healed at that moment for the highest good of all concerned and that feels very nice. I will definitely come back to you!”


Divine Heart
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