Karin Thomas

My name is Karin Thomas, I live in Brummen, the Netherlands. All my life I have been striving to truly live from my heart and support others to land in their Heart. I currently do this through workshops, readings and healings, and creatively through writing and drawing.

As a child I always felt like an outsider, I could learn well at school but I had no understanding of social manners, which seemed so natural to others. I preferred being alone or hanging out with older kids. Only much later did I come to understand that it was mainly my high sensitivity that was socially holding me back. I tried to follow what was going on verbally while my senses picked up other signals and left me confused. Feeling deeply, in particular, has always been prominent in my life. For lack of teaching in this area, I started identifying with the emotions I felt from the people around me, thinking they were mine, and often felt very unhappy.

I also had a strong sense of justice. Using my heart as a compass, feeling what is pure and what is not. My heart is the place from which I act and shape my life.

As a child I was a dreamer, I created whole fantasy worlds in my head, and writing and drawing about it acted as an outlet. I also did what my last name suggests (incredulous Thomas), explore the great mystery of life. My hunger to know left me reading book after book.

After high school, I studied Musicology for a while. Not that I possessed great musical talent, a little bit of saxophone and piano I did play, but more because I knew inside that the information I would receive in college would be puzzle pieces to better understand the bigger picture.

Around age 21 I rolled into adult life, arranging my life the way I thought I should. A job at an accounting firm, getting married and bringing children into the world. In the years that followed, I was so focused on doing what I thought was required of me that I lost track. Twelve years later, I didn’t know who I was or what I came here to do. I was 33 and was burned out.

This moment has been a turning point, a starting point from which I began to rediscover myself. With four daughters as a mirror, this went at a rapid pace. Just by observing the girls I was confronted with my shadow side and by seeing what was happening in front of me, I was able to take off many layers to come to who I am at the core.

At age 33, I breathed new life into my journey of discovery into the great mysteries and started looking for how to connect my heart and head; I wanted to know what I was feeling. On the one hand, I got to know my inner strength and qualities, the high sensitivity, my heart power and my creativity. On the other hand, I filled my head with all the information I could find on quantum physics, geometry, light, sound, consciousness and many other diverse scientific and spiritual topics, just to get clear on how life creates itself. Still, there remained a separation between my heart and my head. Only after several trips to Egypt and England, among others, and experiencing geometry by playing with shapes, did the knowledge sink from my head to a clear knowing and feeling in my heart. I became one with the forms my humanity had taken.

One evening I got into a conversation with my then 11-year-old oldest daughter. We exchanged ideas about the big questions of life and I told her about all those topics that intrigued me so much. To my great surprise, she understood what I was telling her and more so (perhaps also because she was allowed to stay up a little longer), she asked questions and kept asking questions. This made me realize that I am sure there are many more children out there with similar questions that they would like answered. So I started looking for a way to reach as many children as possible. Soon I came to my other quality: writing. And so the idea was born to package all the information into an exciting adventure. A mysterious voyage of discovery that shows children experientially how light, sound, geometry and consciousness play together, how everything in reality is one. The book “Isa and Max and the Flying Skateboard” saw the light of day.

Since the publication of the book, I have also started teaching workshops on the Flower of Life and sacred geometry, and for a while I mentored dyslexic children as an “I learn differently” coach.

In January 2012, I received an email from one Maxim Lazet saying ‘I have heard that we are twin rays. Feel what it makes you feel.’ The moment I read these words, my heart skipped and began to beat faster. A friend of Maxim’s had been told by her guides that I would be his twin ray. A week later we met for the first time and during an embrace our hearts clicked together like one big heart, creating an explosion of heart light. Soon after, we became lovers. During the autumnal equinox of 2012, to our surprise, we entered into a spiritual-energetic marriage, initiated by Spirit, in a Marian church in Rome and with the blessing of Mother Mary.

Especially the first years of our being together have been a rollercoaster of spiritual experiences and growth in consciousness. As twin rays, not only is love grand and unconditional, but we are also each other’s ultimate mirror. We meditated a lot together and were able to ground and embody higher-dimensional parts of ourselves. At the moment we both embody our I AM Presence, and we are both full embodiments of our Ascended Master Selves. These higher-dimensional parts of ourselves also work closely together in the higher dimensions.

We discovered that we have lived many lives together as spiritually conscious partners on earth, including in Atlantis, Egypt, India, Malta and Central America. Reading and healing these lives allowed me to remember and integrate spiritual gifts from those lives into my present life. Since our being together, my clear abilities have further opened up and I have developed my reading qualities.

In addition to working out our personal pieces, we have done much planetary light work, in silence and anonymity, in cooperation with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Extraterrestrials, Dragons and Nature Beings. We have been involved in the December 2012 transition, anchoring and protecting the Diamond Ray on Earth, reconnecting with Source, grounding Divine Truth, grounding the Cosmic Christ Child, enabling embodiment of the soul, movement through the 4th dimension, the dismantling of the 3D Matrix, and the birth of the 5D Earth. We have pioneered roles in freeing ourselves from the Matrix, constantly facing many dual forces and 4D technology trying to prevent this. Often in our work, our twin ray heart connection played a decisive role when we needed to break through dark fields, but in the end no dual being proved resistant to this love power. Sometimes we traveled to the “Heart of Darkness” to convert something, and there our love power was put to quite a test, with considerable pressure on our heart chakras and physical hearts. Beyond our guides and Higher Selves, Archangel Michael in particular has played a major, guiding and directing role in our meditations. At major milestone activations and initiations, our Elohim selves showed up.

In June 2021, Spirit indicated that it was time to step out of anonymity and start giving healings and workshops. In this, it was emphasized to use especially our twin ray heart connection in our activities, and this is the basis in both our distance healings and workshops. I also give readings, in our practice and online.

The collective ascension process, the Earth experiment, is already a great success, and many eyes throughout the cosmos are currently focused on Earth. The Light has won, the Earth and the people who have transformed themselves are ascending, there is no turning back in that. What remains now in the coming years is to support the portion of the world’s population that has not yet consciously opened to spiritual reality and the possibility of ascension to the5th dimension. There will be an awful lot of change in the coming years, enforced by the increasing Light, and in these years there will be a lot of need for balancing, healing and frequency raising. Many lightworkers will be called to this by Spirit, and we too will do our part in this with love and surrender.

Karin Thomas

Divine Heart
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