Divine Heart Creations

the key to unity is found in the heart


I hold live workshops and online webinars focused on healing and raising frequency.



I give energetic readings in which diverse, multidimensional blockages are dissolved.

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Free Healings

Every Monday I hold free collective distance healings with my twin ray partner.

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Who am I

My name is Karin Thomas, I live in Brummen, the Netherlands. All my life I have been striving to truly live from my heart and support others to land in their Heart. I currently do this through workshops, readings and healings, and creatively through writing and drawing.

What people say about my work..

"Karin's reading worked through to the depths of my being. It has caused everything to change for me in a very short period of time. Instead of feeling held back I can now move forward effortlessly and everything is flowing in every area of my life."


"I enjoyed the 5D Healing Day immensely. Karin and Maxim set up a loving and safe field. The location is beautiful with a palpably high vibration. The meditations were alternately moving, empowering, nourishing and healing. At the end of the day I went home lighter, in a higher vibration and very happy. Highly recommended!"


About the book Isa & Max and the flying skateboard:
"Truly in a word fantastic, to read back all the topics so simple and very fun in a great children's book. Super and thank you for writing this book."

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Divine Heart
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