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Divine Heart makes you see and experience that the key to oneness lies in your heart.
Made visual for children ánd adults, complex concepts are translated into simplicity.

Art Design

Creating beautiful geometric drawings is something I do with so much love and pleasure that, in addition to writing and teaching about geometry, I'd like to offer my services as a geometric illustrator. You can think of illustrations for books and publications, posters or websites.
Another option is a hand-drawn Flower of Life (diameter about 50 cm) in which specific energy is channeled.

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and the flying skateboard

Written by Karin Thomas, this unique book for young and old will playfully acquaint you with new science and spirituality!

A reader: "Truly, in one word fantastic, to read about all these subjects presented in a simple and fun way in this wonderful children's book. A book which will provide many parents with insights as well."

An exciting account of a mysterious adventure!

Isa and her little brother Max think their spring break is going to be a boring holiday. Everything changes when they meet the eccentric professor who lives at the end of their street. With the help of surprising experiments they learn to look at themselves, at each other and at the world in a different way.
Then, by accident, they find themselves in unknown dimensions where they encounter extraordinary beings and explore exciting places. Isa and Max learn things they would never have learned in school. At the end of their journey the professor allows them to fly on a skateboard and they realize that anything, and we really mean anything, is possible. An exciting adventure revolving around new science and spirituality for the young and old.

Are you ready to go on the journey of your life and discover the great mysteries?

e-book: ISBN 978-90-818049-1-2

For more info or a free download of two chapters, go to isaandmax.com.


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E-BOOK (English)

Isa and Max and the flying skateboard
Author Karin Thomas
Illustrations by Demian Geerlings
ISBN 978-90-818049-1-2
Size: 4 MB
Price € 5,99
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E-BOOK (Dutch)

Isa en Max en het vliegende skateboard
Author Karin Thomas
Illustrations by Demian Geerlings
ISBN 978-90-818049-2-9
Size: 4 MB
Price € 5,99
Order by email, see contactpage.

Isa en Max en het vliegende skateboard
Author Karin Thomas
Illustrations by Demian Geerlings
ISBN 978-90-818049-0-5
192 pages
Price € 19,00
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Delivery within Netherlands is free, delivery within Europe costs € 7 en delivery outside of Europe costs € 9.


Platonic solids
For colouring and building
Price € free
Download here.


Flower of life
For colouring
Price € free
Download here.

Karin Thomas

The main theme of my life is the desire to connect my heart with my mind; connecting feeling with knowing.

As a child I always felt like an outsider. I was a good student at school but with social rules, which seemed so natural for others, I had great difficulties. I preferred to be alone or hang out with older children. Much later I began to understand that it was my high sensitivity that blocked my social abilities. I tried to follow what was happening verbally while my senses were picking up all kinds of other signals which left me in confusion. Especially clairsentience has always been present. In the absence of education in this area, I identified myself with the emotions of the people around me that I felt, I thought they were mine, and as a result I often felt very unhappy.

I also had a strong sense of justice. With my heart as a yardstick I felt what was honest and pure and what was not. My heart is definitely the place from which I create and shape my life.

As a child I was a dreamer, I created whole fantasy worlds in my head, and with writing and drawing I could express myself. I did what my name suggests (Doubting Thomas), examining the great mysteries of life. My hunger for knowledge left me reading one book after another.

After high school I studied Musicology for a while. Not that I have great musical talent, I only played a little saxophone and piano, but more because I knew in my heart that the information I would receive in college, would help me understand the bigger picture.

When I was 21 years old, I started organizing my life the way I thought it should be organized. A job at an accountancy firm, getting married and giving birth to my children. In the years that followed I was so focused on doing things the way I thought were required of me, that I lost track. Twelve years passed by and I did not know who I was and what I was doing. I was 33 and burned out.

This moment has been a turning point, a starting point from which I rediscovered myself. With four daughters mirroring me it went very quickly. By observing the girls I was confronted with my dark side and by seeing what was going on in front of me, I threw off many layers and became the being I am at the core.

For example; one of my daughters was a complete mystery to me. I did not understand why she had trouble doing multiple chores and school revealed that she was behind with her language. She fled into her own dreamworld every time she had to plan and execute an assignment independently. She got labelled dyslexia and to gain the understanding of her classmates, she gave a talk about dyslexia. Together we spent hours at the pc, looking for information about this. As we came to know more, we discovered that she is a right-brained learner with all the wonderful qualities that come along with it. And not only that, I discovered I am a right-brainer myself too, and now I could see that what was annoying me about my child, were actually the characteristics I did not appreciate in myself. This revelation renewed our relationship with more understanding and patience. To help my daughter with learning and the prospect of two younger right-brained sisters who just started their school career, I decided to become a coach for right-brained children with learning disabilities. It is really wonderful to see how a child's confidence grows as it discovers that it really can learn.

At 33 years of age I rediscovered my journey into the great mysteries of life and started looking at how I could connect my heart with my head. I wanted to know what I was feeling. On the one hand I got to know my inner strength and qualities, my high sensitivity, my heart strength and my creativity. On the other hand I filled my head with all the information I could find about quantum physics, geometry, light, sound, consciousness and many other diverse scientific and spiritual issues, just to get clear how life creates itself. Nevertheless, there still was a separation between my heart and my head. Only after several trips to places like Egypt and England and after experiencing geometry by playing with shapes, the knowledge of my head dropped into clear knowing and feeling in my heart. I became one with the shapes that form me as a human being.

One night I got into a conversation with my eldest daughter, eleven years old at that time. We exchanged ideas about the big questions of life and I told her about all the subjects I was so intrigued by. To my surprise, she understood what I told her and, in addition (perhaps because she could stay up a little longer), she asked questions and kept asking questions. This made me realize that there are probably a lot more children who have similar questions that they would like to see answered. So I went looking for a way to reach out to these kids. This led me to sharing my findings through my other passion: writing. And so the idea was born to gather all information and wrap it in an exciting adventure. A mysterious journey of discovery that shows children how light, sound, geometry and consciousness play together; how everything actually is one. The book 'Isa and Max and the flying skateboard‘ saw the light.

Besides writing and coaching children, I give workshops for adults and I love drawing geometric images, with a ruler and pencil or on the computer. In line with my inner desire for more freedom, it felt good to start my own publishing company so I could publish my creations. This became Divine Heart Publishing.

And that's not all. Nothing is static, everything is evolving and so is my outlook on life and reality. Every day I learn more and I rewrite my vision of yesterday. Also, my kids keep touching me with their wisdom, especially the wisdom and truth that lies in their hearts. And together with my beloved life partner Maxim I dive deeper and deeper into an infinite sea of space and love that is so beautiful that there are no human words to describe it.

Inspiration for new creations and projects I have plenty. The first project that I have initiated is writing a novel for adults, about Egypte, building tempels and the sacred marriage. In addition, a sequel to ‘Isa and Max’ has long been a picture in my head and wants to be captured in writing. Also the idea of making an animated film and an educational package for primary schools, based on the information in the ‘Isa and Max’ book is something I would like to do.

Enough to do!


Karin Thomas

Karin's blog


Is the Flower of Life a 'flower of life' or 'daisy of death'?

The other day we came across FB posts about the Flower of Life, that it would be corrupt and the Flower of Life was called the 'Daisy of Death' in the article in question. This article led internationally to discussions and confusion among lightworkers. I read the article and I got a headache (which happens often when I read texts written from an unbalanced mental focus without the heart being involved).

Because the Flower of Life is so interwoven with who we are and what we stand for at the moment, we tuned in to the Flower of Life during our meditation and we asked questions to I AM THAT I AM to get more clarity.

Below the information that came through.

“The flower of life is just a symbol of how nature works, nothing more, nothing less. And it is the intent you put in it that makes it constructive or destructive. It all starts with a sphere. There is no other basic shape than a sphere. And there is only one way spheres divide.

So there is nothing wrong with the flower of life. The flower of life is just a symbol of nature, and the balance nature seeks, always. Infuse it with your light, and there is creation. Infuse it with your darkness, and it is destruction. It is just the way cells divide and multiply. Because, when they divide, they stay connected with each other in the core of the sphere, and so they stay connected with the Source of the first sphere. And in staying connected with the Light of the Source, they embody the Source themselves. And if you divide from Source, staying in Source is the only way you can divide a sphere. This is law at 3D, but also law at all dimensions above. That is the way the Law of One flows through the separation. So particles are never separate from their Source, it only looks that way.

What is important, is what the core of the first sphere is made of. Is Source in its core, or has it been corrupted by the Dark. And yes, the geometry has been misused by the ones that are in power now, by the Darkness. Just forgive that side, and hold that side within your heart, within your Light, and it vanishes.

This whole discussion about the Flower Of Life is an attempt of the Dark Side to split the world of Light into confusion, just another way to get power over Light, knowing they are losing.

About the Dark Side, it is the Female side of Creation. It’s the female energy that is misformed by the dark intentions. It lost its purity. That is why we have to embrace the Dark Side, so when we can put the Feminine Side into the Light of the heart, so it neutralizes in just what it is, without all the miscreation. Lucifer wanted to play God without taking Source with him. He went creating using the Female energy to misform the Male energy, and using the Male energy to misguide and infiltrate the Female energy. Just embody both sides in the heart.

Concerning the Fibonacci, its about the beauty that lies within the Golden Spiral. The binary system suggestion is a suggestion of the mind, without the heart. It is the infinity of the heart that lies within the Golden Spiral, that makes it beautiful. And again, it’s not the mathematical laws that are right or wrong, it’s the intent, the way it is used.

Q: So the Fibonacci spiral is not intrinsically parasitic, lacking a connection to Source?
A: No, it is not, it is the infinity in the numbers that contains the Source! The infinity is so important.

Q: What about what was said about Metatron?
A: There are two Metatrons. One serving the Light, and one serving the Darkness. Just like every being has two parts, one serving the Light, one serving the Darkness. And every one of us chooses which one they want to live, see, feel, touch, hear. Congruent to their vibrational reality at that time. It’s just a matter of choosing which world you want to live in, it all comes down to that. And by embodying both sides, we neutralize. Every being in the Light has its double in the Darkness. That is just the law of how the universe works. Just like the story of Lucifer, creating his own universe, reality, outside of the Source. And then later becoming part of the Source again. It is just an integration process.

Q: How about the circle, often placed around the Flower of Life? It suggests a limit on the possibility to expand. I have seen discussion about that as well, the circle being a form of manipulation.
A: At a certain point, a creation is finished, and you give it a boundary to indicate it is finished. And if you wish to expand this creation, you just remove the circle, and continue creating. It is just about how large you wish your creation is to become. At some point, you’ll wish to define boundaries. It is you saying: this is my house, and next door someone else builds his house. Just like your aura, it too has a boundary. And when you make your aura too large, you will impose on the space of others. Boundaries are an expression of individualism within the great unified whole. And they also give a sense of security, like the membrane around cell division in the womb.”



Christmas and love

So close to Christmas it is already noticeable. A sense of community seizes the people. Our differences are mainly forgotten and we focus on what connects us all: the Christmas celebration. These days it seems easier to break free from our dominating stream of thoughts. We end up being more in our hearts to experience what love is. Even science discovers more and more that it is all about love and that we are able to measure love.

We recognize it as endearing, warm and blissful, but what is love anyway? The many religions and civilizations around the world all agree on one thing: it is all about love. Love is the invisible glue that pastes everything together.
Of course we know this, but our minds want to be able to prove it. Seeing is believing, is the motto. Fasten your seatbelts, because the evidence is piling up that it really is so. Research results from many different branches of science show it. Quantum mechanics, physics, biology, neuropsychology, astronomy, all fingers point in the same direction. Love is measurable and its language is mathematics.

When two people affectionately embrace, a love spiral is created that penetrates the DNA through the body's cells and immediately changes the DNA structure. This love spiral is called a 'lo-phi-wave', named after the presence of the number 'phi' in the spiral. 'Lo-phi', sounds like 'love', perhaps the origin of the word love?
In our hearts the same cells are found as in our brains. These cells are equipped with intelligence. Moreover, our hearts radiate an electromagnetic field that is 5000 times more powerful than that of our brains. Makes you really think, doesn't it?

Crisis = opportunity
Meanwhile, the big and small crises fly over our heads and we have no idea how to solve them. Shall we reverse the matter this Christmas? Crisis means opportunity. Well, let's face it, people are lazy creatures, if we are in a prosperous comfort zone, we want to keep what we have and we get stuck in old ideals. We need a crisis as shove in the back to reach further. We may grow again and explore the paradise of infinite possibilities.
This is where our heart and love come into play. Because we have to make a choice. Do we keep on reasoning the world from the head, fear is lurking. And fear is not the best advisor, not to mention the guide to a peaceful and sustainable society. Or do we use the Christmas spirit to come into our hearts, where fear has no right to exist and where inspiration and creativity are in control? The heart, which possesses its own intelligence and which is much more powerful. Then the heart takes control over the head and the opportunities that we feel will develop into great solutions that offers the best for all.

I wish you a loving Christmas and an inspiring new year!

Greetings from the heart,

Karin Thomas


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